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For durable, secure cards that are also great looking, the Zebra P620 is your best choice. The P620's rugged design provides reliability for continuous-print applications. The patented card transport mechanism allows highly accurate card positioning, resulting in high-quality color printing and precision details that are difficult to copy. The dual-sided laminator maximizes card durability and protects from abrasion, color fading and alteration.

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  • Maximum Card Security - Prevent unauthorized printer use with the P620’s ID/Key option and ID/Log software that creates a unique record of each card produced. Special printing effects and customized holographic laminates help prevent fraudulent reproduction of cards
  • Rugged, Reliable Operation: With its full metal enclosure and patented self-cleaning mechanism to remove surface contamination, the P620 is highly reliable and durable. Advanced printhead control prevents overheating and reduces printhead wear.
  • Designed for Efficiency - Minimize downtime with the P620's low-maintenance card transport mechanism, singlepass wasteless lamination, and easy-to-use Windows® based bi-directional printer