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WorkAbout Pro


The WORKABOUT PRO is a Windows CE .NET based hand-held computer that delivers the performance, ruggedness and durability required for mobile data collection in harsh environments in a very user-friendly, ergonomic package. Based on industry standards, our design ensures ease of integration with your existing or desired infrastructure. Unparalleled expansion and connectivity options deliver a high degree of customisation flexibility so that the WORKABOUT PRO can be tailored to your application.

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  • Flexibility & Integration - Class-leading flexibility and integration is achieved through the use of standards-based software and hardware components combined with robust expansion capabilities. Based on industry standard Windows CE .NET and Intel XScale architecture, the WORKABOUT PRO ensures seamless application development and integration capabilities. Compact Flash and SD memory expansion slots combine with USB, RS-232 and a 100-pin High Speed Expansion interface to provide flexible radio and peripheral connectivity. Expansion modules deliver even more functionality and customisation such as additional card slots or customised peripherals. A hardware development kit (HDK) combines with the Psion Teklogix Mobile Devices SDK to support the development of customised third party hardware/software solutions.
  • Ruggedness - The rugged design of the WORKABOUT PRO delivers overall system uptime for increased productivity even in harsh environments. Rated at IP54, the WORKABOUT PRO is protected against dust and water sprayed from all directions. In addition, the WORKABOUT PRO can withstand multiple 4' drops to concrete, as well as, the shock and vibration consistent with mounting within a truck.
  • Ergonomics - The ease of use and portability of the WORKABOUT PRO combine to deliver exceptional ergonomics. The 1/4 VGA, daylight readable touch screen display and well laid out, backlit keyboard simplify device interaction. The portable size and low weight deliver full-shift comfort.